Florida to Pittsburgh: The birth of a blogger.

Now, according to the many people I talk to, I am insane for traveling away from my sandy beaches and warm weather into the frigid north for school. Frankly I don’t understand why more people don’t venture out of their comfort zones.Speaking as someone with a year under her belt it has been a wonderful experience for me to move away from home and start anew. It was a difficult process regardless flying the coop…but there will be more on that later.I started this blog as a bit of an outlet to be creative and to rant on the trials and tribulations of being a college student. I have always been the one people come to for advice on their love lives, music choices, college tips, and just on life in general. In my many internet travels I have never been able to find a blog that answers the hard hitting questions on anything and everything so I hope to provide more of an insight into the world of the modern collegeĀ girl. So please, let me know if you have any questions and stay tuned!


Yours truly,