Tips for Incoming Freshman

Hello my lovelies,

It’s about that time again! To those of us returning it’s a tad bittersweet wishing the summer goodbye, but for some it’s one big leap into the real world. Yes I’m talking about the college freshman. You’re stepping out on your own whether it’s hundreds of miles away like me, or just down the road, you are still going to be living on your own for the first time. So here are some helpful tidbits from someone who has walked in your shoes.

  1. You will make a lot of friends in the first few weeks. They will not all be your friend at the end of the year. People will come and go but those who are meant to stay in your life long-term will stay there. So do not be discouraged by this.
  2. Books are hella expensive no matter where you go so I would suggest looking online on amazon or chegg before resorting to your college’s bookstore.
  3. Finding a small part-time job may be best for you, because not only will it help you manage your time, but having a little extra cash never hurt.
  4. Go out but not too much. Make sure you don’t neglect your studying. Trust me on this, going on your freshman year will create wonderful memories. However, if you go out too much you’ll end up like me; almost being kicked out of school.
  5. Take so many pictures you won’t know what to do with them all. At first you may find it to be a pain but you will grateful for it when you are going to be a senior like I am.
  6. Get involved in clubs and activities on campus. Whether it be an honor society, sports team, greek organization, or more.  Not only are these a good way to meet people but they are good to put on your resume when you start to search for internships or jobs.
  7. Maybe hold off on dating until you get your bearings and figure out your surroundings. I can’t imagine adjusting to a new place and a new relationship, all while maintaining good grades and friendships.
  8.  Make sure you keep your mental health in mind. Freshman year move in can be a stressful time especially when you’re moving far away from home. I found it really difficult to focus on school let alone anything else when I was missing home.
  9. Roommates are fun but if you have the opportunity, living on your own can sometimes come as a blessing. You will really see a new side of yourself when you are living in an apartment by yourself. It is important that you live n your own at some point in your life before you decide to get married or you may feel like you missed out on something.
  10. Most importantly, HAVE FUN. This is an important part of your life. You will meet friends that you will keep for the rest of your life and you may meet the love of your life. You will learn so many new things and embrace new types of people with different opinions.

Good Luck y’all,


Winter is Upon Us

20170123_164447Hello all!

I’ve just gotten back to dark and gloomy Pittsburgh from my glorious and sunny Florida and am attempting to slowly readjust to a cave like environment. I will say that the first few days back were quite a hassle with moving back into my dorm and scrambling to get my life together as classes began. For some freshman here this is their first Pittsburgh winter and as such  I feel that it’s my duty to divulge some of my tips and tricks on how to stay happy, healthy, and positive as it gets darker outside.

  1. Invest in a therapy light!-These lights are a life saver especially for those from a brighter climate such as Florida. The lights range in price from around 30-50 dollars and can work wonders. Sit in front of it for 30 minutes and let the light work it’s magic. Just be careful if it’s on your desk; I suggest wearing sunnies to avoid blinding yourself.
  2. If you are from a humid climate such as myself, I would also invest in a humidifier. Preferably a cool one that changes colors (It’s the little things). It gets rid of static in the room and keeps your skin from reaching alligator status. The humidity also helps loosen all that gunk in your nose when you have a cold.
  3. If you are feeling down in the dumps try to hang out with a friend/friends. The social interaction alone will significantly increase your mood. If none of said friends are available find a crowded area such as a cafe or a park and the human interaction should help alleviate some of the cold weather blues.
  4.  See if your school has some sort of care center that has therapists and people you can talk to. Sometimes the best medicine is to talk it out and let others know how you are feeling.
  5. Create a playlist with some songs that make you feel happy it doesn’t matter what they are and play them in the background if you are just hanging around or doing some work. The music will remind you of the kind of happiness you can feel when not down in the dumps and likely lift your spirits.
  6.  Get rid of toxic people in your life. Granted, I know this is easier said than done but often times when all else fails it may be time to evaluate your choice in friendships. Stick by the ones who have your back even in your darkest moments.


Yours truly,